Originally from Lexington, KY, I’ve been a Jackson, TN resident for most of my adult life. While putting myself through college, I did ghost writing for a local author and copywriting/editing for our campus paper and as a guest contributor for Our Jackson Home. During this time, I learned to write script coverage under the guidance of insightful creative executives and assistants.

After graduating, I began my employment with the Dream Center of Jackson Shelter . Starting at an entry level administrative position, I soon moved up to help with outpatient and counseling where I assisted women in dire circumstances overcome their compromised positions. Listening in on group phone calls and interacting with victims helped me learn about the bad choices we all make due to circumstance and lack of self esteem. Understanding the motivations behind most bad decisions, I started personal counseling so that I could better understand my motivations and help steer my life towards a more productive, fruitful future. Outside of personal relationships, the site you’re currently reading my first step to establish a career I’d be proud of doing creative writing, publishing and editing for new media.

I realized I never lost my passion for writing and hope to enter the currently sullied world of journalism, I am banking with all the (left/right) media bias and purging of staff that news companies will soon be looking for young, fresh talent to fill these positions. I think I’m that voice which has recently reignited my passion for writing to accomplish this goal.

In my own writing life, I’ve developed comedy features and pilots with various producers, directors and actresses. I was also hired to rewrite the Glamour article We Dated Our Way Across America into a theater adaption to be performed at Jackson Theatre Guild to open summer of 2020.

If you’re a producer or director and think I might be right to adapt or rewrite a project of yours, please send me a message on the contact form below!

Furthermore, I’m available as an English, reading and writing tutor either locally or via e-courses online.

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